2nd Chance







April, 2012

I'm in a fortunate position to work with recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. I have been told that some were able to make it through the night with out using, clinging to the cross!

signed, Lance


March, 2012

"The crosses were a major hit with the rehab program, and now my pastor wants them for the entire church!

signed, Leah


February, 2012

Pastor Bill and Sherry, Thank You for your ministry - You bless so many in many ways and many places.

signed, Lorraine & Jerry


December, 2011

Bill, This is a great ministry. I carry them in my purse all the time. Just gave some out at Mercy Nursing Home in Moose Lake. Thanks for all you do.

signed, Betty



November, 2011

Our youth are very appreciative of the crosses and wear them with reverence & faith. Already our youth are wearing your gift!

signed, Fr. Placid, Covenant House, New York City


February, 2011

I was given one of your crosses by my cousin at a family reunion. I cherish it and have enjoyed the story that goes with the cross.

signed, Delia


June, 2010

I was having a bad day. I was complaining about it to my coworker when we walked into the restroom. I looked and there was a cross key chain with Psalm 118.24 verse on it. Talk about a wakeup call right then and there!

Thank You so much for making my day brighter and bringing me back to reality!

signed, Amy




My name is Mai, and I work at the front desk of Denali Cabins up here in Denali National Park, Alaska. I wanted to let you know that a lovely lady by the name of Renee H. stayed with us and gave a couple of us employees some of your 2nd chance crosses. We love the story behind them and are grateful for both yours and her generosity. She gave us lots of information on the 2nd Chance Crosses.


I received one of these crosses from a CA woman on a cruise ship. I gave it to a friend who needs a second chance at being happy. She loved it. I would now like to join the ministry of giving them to others. I am a member of Alanon and know many who can use a second chance. Love the idea. And I am from MN so it is close to my heart.

Barb from Louisville, KY



I promise I will spread the word about your ministry. God has blessed you with this task and He has blessed me by sending me to you.

God does work in His mysterious ways. Last week I found a cross that I was interested in and went back this week to order and couldn't find it. Now I know why, God had a better idea.


Kay from New Orleans, LA